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Build a full-fledged ecommerce store to sell your products online. Choose a one-click beginner friendly all-in-one ecommerce plugin to kickstart your store or host a complex store powered by WooCommerce.

Landing Pages

Build Landing Pages fast and build Landing Pages that are fast. Easy to use Drag and Drop builder makes the complexities of web designing seem like a child’s game. A game with lots of Lego blocks with a block for every widget you will ever need.


Build multi-page Websites or Sales Funnels. Add your analytics codes or integrate with services like MailChimp. Create a website that does everything you want but does not require the hassle of coding.


Forms are the backbone of every website that means business, however, setting them up often requires either the know-how of rocket science or a subscription to a form platform that costs an arm and a leg. But, here at SalesPage, we have got you covered! Build your forms with drags and drops and set up fields validations & action with a few clicks here and a few there.


Create Events, send invites, issue tickets for free or for a fee without having your visitors leave your website and without the hefty fees that event platforms charge. If the name of the event platform in the address bar wasn’t a turn off enough, the look and feel of the event page that doesn’t look anywhere close to your brand definitely is. At SalesPage, create the events within your website using the same theme, colors and domain name.


Speak your mind out for the world to read, but without the ugliness of the ordinary blogs. Make your blogs beautiful using the premium themes, make your blogs functional using the premium plugins and make your blog visible using the SEO optimization that SalesPage offers.

Course Management

You work hard to create a course, to create ads and to bringing in leads to your landing pages, and then you redirect them to your course on a course hosting platform where you lose your lead to a more interesting course and all your hard work comes to an end! Not with SalesPage! Keep your precious visitors within your website by hosting your courses like a pro.

Membership Sites

Membership Sites are the websites with a lock and a key. Limit portions of your website to certain users or user groups and charge them monthly for subscribing to those premium sections. If you believe your content has some information that your visitors might be willing to pay for, a Membership Site is the thing to go for.

Appointments Management

Manage your time well by letting your visitors choose a calendar date and time to reserve an appointment with you. The appointment may be for a physical meeting or an electronic one and it may be free to book or you may charge for them. Let your visitors book appointments without having them to leave your site.

Recipe Site

Share your delicious recipes with the world with a professional looking recipe blog. Write step by step instructions, list and quantity of ingredients that change as per the servings entered by your visitor. Create an ultimate recipe blog with Prep Time, Cook Time, Ingredients and Step by Step instructions with an option for the visitor to print them.


Show your Photography, Art or Design collection in a professional looking portfolio. Create categories, add descriptions and add forms to let your visitors contact you should they need your expertize.


Sell yourself! (Figuratively)!
Presenting oneself is no less than a sales technique. Present your CV like a sales pitch using premium themes and animations that SalesPage has to offer. Be that competitive edge that your peers lack. Use SalesPage!